• Flash-Turtle Tech Successfully Meets with Local Moscow Traders and Reaches Initial Strategic Coopera

    Moscow, September 10, 2023 - The CEO of Flash-Turtle Tech has successfully met with local suppliers in Moscow and announced that the two companies have entered into an initial strategic partnership. This partnership will provide both companies with additional growth opportunities and market share to...
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  • Exhibition Press Release

    On September 4, 2023, Moscow Electronica was held as scheduled, attracting extensive attention from the global electronics technology industry. As a well-known international supplier of electronic components, Flash-Turtle Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this electronic exhibition.During the in-...
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  • Achieving a milestone and successfully obtaining the agency right of COREBAI!

    Dear friends, It's my great pleasure to announce that our company has achieved something very proud today!After a long period of hard work and unremitting pursuit, we finally succeeded in obtaining the agency rights of COREBAI. As a well-known semiconductor company, COREBAI focuses on the design...
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  • Participate in the Global MCU Ecological Development Conference

    On July 21, 2023, flash-turtle, LTD. received an invitation from the organizer to attend the Global MCU Ecology Development Conference. The conference started at 9:00 am on the 21st. Due to the continuous progress of semiconductor manufacturing process, various highly integrated MCU control + drive ...
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  • Exhibition News

    Guangzhou, China, October 18, 2021 ——Flash-Turtle Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Electronic Components Exhibition held in Guangzhou, showcasing its latest products and technical achievements, which were highly appreciated by visitors.At the exhibition, Flash -Turtle Technology exhibited pr...
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  • Industry Trends

    With the continuous development of science and technology, the application range of electronic components is more and more extensive, from household appliances, communication equipment to intelligent transportation, medical technology and other fields have been widely used, and it has also promoted ...
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  • Team Building And Optimization

    Shenzhen, China, March 15, 2022 - flash-Turtle Technology Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of a "Team Optimization and Building" program, which aims to improve the efficiency and innovation of the team and further enhance the company's competitiveness.It is reported that the plan inc...
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